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Features of icard digital wallet

Digitize Your Loyalty Cards

Free your wallet from the plastic loyalty cards and transfer them in your phone! Never miss out on savings again and collect all points and discounts straight away. Now it's easier to find your reward card, faster to use it and safer to store it!

Digitize your loyalty cards

e-GiftCards for Every Occasion

Looking for a unique present? Send an e-GiftCard with your own photo and message to your beloved ones, family and friends.

Worldwide acceptance

Our e-GiftCard could be used in every online store where Mastercard is accepted.

100% customization

Create a unique e-GiftCard by choosing one of our stunning designs or your own photo. Include a personal message to make it even more special.

Features phone video shadow frame
Features phone video frame
Mastercard e-GiftCard

No additional monthly charges for the first 6 months.

Received instantly

If the person doesn't have installed the iCard digital wallet yet, simply send the e-GiftCard to their mobile phone number or email address.

Virtual Cards for Safe Online Payments

You can use your Virtual iCards for every online service, subscription or even a single payment. Don't risk compromising your bank cards used for regular purchases and protect your data.

Using virtual cards at checkout
  • Option for up to 20 virtual cards in your wallet

  • All cards are as mobile as you are

  • No monthly fees

  • Ultimate security control and real-time notifications

Tap and Pay with Your Phone

Leave your old wallet at home and pay with your phone at millions of stores around the world, wherever contactless payments with Mastercard are accepted.

Speed through checkout using just one tap

Available only for Android

Receive real-time notifications and set limits

Freeze Tap & Pay payments with one tap

Free Money Transfers Between iCard Users

Free and instant money transfers between iCard users. Money is received instantly even on weekends or holidays. For your convenience, you could also use the option "Request money".

Free P2P transfers

Easy & Competitive Bank Transfers

Make national and cross-border payments with just a few clicks. Enjoy the variety of options for sending and receiving money wherever you are, whenever you need.

  • SEPA credit transfers from your iCard account in EUR to any bank account in EUR, part of SEPA.

  • International transfers to any bank account worldwide, in compliance with SWIFT rules.

Easy bank transfers

iCard Visa for Purchases and Cash

Use your digital wallet also with a free debit card - iCard Visa. Take it with you wherever you go and withdraw cash from every ATM in the world. If you're abroad and you don't want to have foreign currency in your pocket, simply pay with your iCard Visa on any POS terminal. And most importantly -you have control over your money.

Freeze / unfreeze your card with a tap

Download iCard now and get your contactless iCard Visa absolutely for free, delivered directly to your address.

Fingerprint login

The perfect password that no one can guess. Fast and safe. No need to remember complicated combinations anymore.

Fingerprint device Fingerprint login