e-Vignettes for Bulgaria

Buy e-Vignettes for the paid road network in the Republic of Bulgaria directly from your phone. Fast, convenient, and secure.

  • No additional fees

Buy e-Vignettes with iCard, travel, and discover the best places in Bulgaria

Are you planning to travel by car in Bulgaria? Now everyone with an iCard account can easily buy an e-Vignette for the toll network in the country and skip the complicated online registrations. iCard gives you the possibility to purchase e-Vignettes for light vehicles up to 3.5 tons, caravans or trailers. All you need is a phone (iOS or Android), loaded iCard account, and the vehicle’s plate number. It is not even needed for you to be in Bulgaria when purchasing it. You can buy an e-Vignette, using the iCard mobile app or the iCard online platform.


Fast payment – no card details needed
Only the vehicle plate number required
Register of purchased vignettes with specified validity dates
Digital receipt as a PDF file
Instant payment and confirmation
e-Vignettes validity check

Check the validity of an e-Vignette

With iCard digital wallet for Android and iOS, you can check the validity of your or anyone else’s Bulgarian e-Vignette. Once you login in the iCard app, select “e-Vignettes” from the main menu, then tap “Check validity”. You need to enter only the vehicle’s plate number. You will get the current status of an active electronic vignette displayed immediately. You can store your e-Vignettes in the “My Vignettes” tab, so you can monitor their status and receive notifications before they expire.

Types and cost of e-Vignettes

Buy e-Vignettes for the Bulgarian paid road network, for vehicles in category 3 (light vehicle up to 3.5 t, caravan or trailer) anywhere and anytime with your iCard mobile app or the iCard online platform.

How to buy a Bulgarian e-Vignette with iCard?

The easiest way to buy an e-Vignette for the toll network in Bulgaria, without the need of being in the country in the moment of purchase, is to use the iCard mobile app for Android and iOS:


Enter iCard, tap “e-Vignette” from the main menu, and select a vehicle category (light vehicle, caravan or trailer).


Select e-Vignette type (weekend, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual). Enter the country of registration of the vehicle, enter its plate number and select the date of activation of the vignette.


Choose from which iCard account you want to pay, make sure that you have entered all the details correctly, and tap “Buy now”.

Done! The e-Vignette will be activated immediately (if the date of activation matches the date of payment and not another date within 30 days of purchase). You can download your receipt as a PDF file. The e-Vignette will be stored in the “My vignettes” tab.



Buy an e-Vignette for Bulgaria with iCard and enjoy your travel!

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