the new NFC wearables

Forget the coins and banknotes - get a stylish NFC key fob for fast, contactless payments.

Unlock the freedom in payments

iCard is taking payments to another level with NFC wearables. No more fumbling for your phone, cards or cash! Use our brand new and stylish NFC wearables connected to an account in your iCard digital wallet and enjoy making contactless payments on the go - fast, easy & secure! Our NFC wearables come in EUR & BGN currency. They can connect to any of your accounts in iCard and work around the world – anywhere contactless Mastercard is accepted. Connect your NFC to an account in the same currency to avoid conversions. Save time, pay on the go, enjoy your stylish new payment accessory.


Practical 2 in 1

payment instrument and a keychain

Fast & easy payments

saving you time

No PIN required

for purchases up to 50 Euro

Maximum security

for your payment details

Total control

of notifications and spending limits

With you - everywhere

When you exercise

When you exercise

At the coffee shop

At the coffee shop

On family vacations

On family vacations

How to get your NFC wearable?

You can order your new NFC wearable in the iCard digital wallet app. It’s very easy – make sure your account is verified and you are upgraded to “Standard” plan. Tap the “+” button in your wallet then select “NFC wearable”. Enjoy express delivery throughout the EEA.

  • One-time order fee - 19.00 EUR

  • Express courier delivery - Free

  • Monthly fees - 0.00 EUR

How to get your NFC wearable?

Activating your new NFC wearable

Here is how to immediately activate your NFC key fob after receiving it:


Open iCard and tap the “+” button in the wallet tab. Select “NFC wearable”, then “Activate”.


Enter the activation code from the sticker on your new key fob.


You will get an SMS with your new PIN code.

Done! You can now make payments.


Get your new NFC wearable now and pay with style.

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