Contactless Mobile Payments

They are free, fast and secure - just Tap & Pay

Paying With Your Phone is

Tap & Pay payments are perfect for shopping after work, buying coffee, getting drinks at a bar or when paying for parking, for movies and everything else.

Research confirms that contactless mobile payments are preferred for the speed, convenience and security.

Our clients tell us that Tap & Pay is great for various daily life situations.

It’s very easy and costs nothing to pay. Be different!
Open iCard, tap on “Tap & Pay” and hold your phone near the contactless payment terminal.

Mobile Payments Are Super Secure

What Exactly Are Mobile Phone Payments?

This is a modern, secure payment technology and iCard is proud to be one of the very few apps in Europe to offer this service.

Mobile payments are becoming widely adopted, because practically all modern phones have embedded contactless NFC (Near Field Communication) chips.

The same contactless chips are placed in modern plastic debit and credit cards, but having that in your phone and unlocking it with a fingerprint or facial recognition is a whole new way to protect your money.

Just like card payments took over cash payments at retail shops, mobile phone payments are here to stay and give us peace of mind.

Give it a try - activate your phone’s NFC, pay contactless with it and you will never be asked to enter a PIN.

How To Pay with Your Android Phone?

„Tap & Pay“ step by step

  • 1

    Open the iCard app with a fingerprint or a passcode.

  • 2

    Tap on “Tap & Pay” icon above your cards.

  • 3

    Make the payment within 30 seconds by taking your phone near the POS terminal.

Improve Your Day with iCard Digital Wallet

  • Pay with Phone

    It’s cool and faster than cash. Try it with your Android device. (Apple pay coming soon)

  • Use Fingerprint

    This is the way to better protect your account and to make every payment super secure.

  • Control in Real-time

    Get instant notifications at the time of every mobile or card payment to avoid surprises.

Wondering if You Should Go for It?

With iCard, you can forget about bank branch queues. Account opening takes less than 5 minutes, from the comfort of your home, with your ID presented during an in-app video chat.

iCard is a licensed European e-money institution that gives you better than expected money safety to make your life easier and get you more free time!

account + card + mobile payments

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iCard is all over Europe

We are a licensed European e-money institution with over 12 years of experience and clients in 30+ countries (Bulgarian National Bank License #4703-5081/25.07.2011).

Europe is Switching to Mobile Payments
Just Give it a Try

Mobile payments are available for Android only. Apple Pay is coming very soon.