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  • Fraud-proof as no card data is used

  • Easy API integration for the merchant

  • Instant settlement of funds

  • No subscription fees or extra charges for the customer

Make your business grow faster by integrating iCard mobile into your online store. Accept payments from any customer, without a credit or debit card, directly from their mobile phones.

Customers on your website only have to click the iCard payment button and confirm the purchase from their smartphone via the iCard app. Each payment is instantly received.

One Click Only!

Accepting payments on your website or mobile app is simple with iCard checkout. The perfect eCommerce solution - easy to integrate and will give your customers a seamless and professional experience.

Website Checkout

In-app Payments

The flexibility to work with your preferred platform. iCard offers plugins for:

Instant payout

Get your free business account in myPOS and start accepting iCard payments right now. You will sell more to customers in store and on-line.