Meet iCard Visa Infinite

Premium everyday experience at an unbeatable price!

Unique Combination of Benefits

This is not just a card with add-on services but a real Visa Infinite. We’re adding this exclusive debit card, with higher spending limits and many benefits, to give you even more within iCard digital wallet. Visa Infinite is a rare and expensive offer, which is usually available by invitation only. Not any longer!

Monthly fee: 9.99 EUR
Yearly fee: 99.99 EUR

A Premium Card for Any Lifestyle

Enhance the unique iCard digital wallet with new and diverse services.

Travel insurance

Travel smart with insurance covering up to € 60,000. Easy to activate by using the card at an ATM or a POS terminal abroad.

Personal Concierge

It’s never too late to get the perfect deal or last-minute concert tickets delivered.

Airport Lounge Access

Fly conveniently and enjoy the experience via the LoungeKey program.

Premium Customer Service

Rely on priority assistance and skip the waiting with our support.

High Spending Limits for Daily Shopping & Services

iCard Visa Infinite gives you more freedom to perfectly match your spending needs. Stop worrying if your card will make the payment or if you end up in a cash-only marketplace on the other side of the world.

Personal shopping assistant

Ordering your groceries or searching for unique presents - your concierge is here to help 24/7.

Exclusive offers and deals

Get access to special discounts, especially reserved for Visa Infinite holders.

More cash available

Take advantage of 5 free ATM withdrawals a month and never miss a great shopping deal where cash-only is accepted.

Night-time emergencies

Request a plumber for a 3 AM disaster or a dog sitter for the morning.

Expand your shopping spree

iCard Visa Infinite unlocks a 10 000 EUR daily and 25 000 EUR monthly spending limit.

Emergency solutions

Your personal assistant can get a tailor visiting while you await your lost or delayed luggage.

Fast, Modern and Secure Payments with Apple Pay

Mobile payments are easy, innovative and enable a safe experience. You can now add your iCard Visa Infinite to the Apple wallet and take advantage of all it has to offer via your iPhone, Apple Watch or another compatible iOS device that is always with you.

Apple Pay and iCard Visa Infinite work around the world. Take advantage of contactless payments wherever you are.

Easy, convenient and secure payments with Google Pay™️

Google Pay is а modern way to pay with your iCard Visa Infinite cards and Android devices. Use Google Pay at millions of places around the world – on sites, in apps, and in stores. It protects your payment info with multiple layers of security.

The Right Card for Quality Travel

Travel experience matters. To guarantee your comfort, iCard Visa Infinite gives you the LoungeKey program and a personal concierge to get you the ordinary and extraordinary privileges, events, experiences, offers and travel insights.


Step sideways from the crowd and enjoy your trips to the fullest. Get access to LoungeKey zones for 28.00 Euro.

Theatre & nightlife

Call your concierge for last minute premium seats at private concerts, exclusive film premieres or the coolest jazz bar in town.

Transportation requests

Call your travel assistant to book a yacht, rent a convertible, a hot-air balloon or a flight to Cancun departing in 5 hours.

Free travel insurance

Enjoy all your business and personal travels abroad with free insurance, covering medical expenses, flight cancellations or delays, and luggage loss or delays.

Unique experiences

Yes - you can book a museum for an after-hours dinner and have your lasagna delivered straight from Venice.

Top Hotel Offers for Your Comfort

A supreme collection of hotel deals with VIP welcoming, free upgrades & complimentary breakfast.

Health & Fitness

Turn your trips into a spa tour. Gain access to inaccessible swimming pools or book a local sports coach.

Events & daily services

Book a venue, a planner and a designer to impress your event guests at your next poolside garden party.

Treat Yourself With Privileges!

iCard makes payments smart, accessible and affordable to make life easier. That’s why we give you the iCard Visa Infinite.

Be one of the first people in the world to get Visa Infinite for such an incredible monthly fee! Gain instant access to a recognized status. Enjoy a broad range of services and courier delivery in EEA.

Special iCard users price: 9.99 EUR/month

Advantages of iCard Visa Infinite

David, Germany

Finance Professional

I have a very busy lifestyle - balancing between family and frequent business trips. I would definitely appreciate the iCard Infinite card in my daily life and can’t wait to have all the cool features, especially the concierge service - it will really help me save valuable time. Compared to other services the monthly fee is a real bargain!

Giuseppe, Italy

Regional Events Manager at an international company

I just started this new job and I am researching options to make my life easier when I travel, which will be quite often, as I can tell already! iCard Infinite is definitely something I’d try right on. I want all the amazing features for frequent travellers and the things I can do with my phone. Having everything in one place for a tiny fee is now in my wishlist!

Marina, Portugal

Full-time fashion blogger and video maker

I know how hard it is to get a Visa Infinite card! I love the iCard digital wallet and now I love it even more with the new Infinite card! It’s not just about the card, but the complete package of premium features! The extra shopping and travelling treats would come handy too. Can’t wait! Way to go, iCard!

Jerome, The Netherlands

Professional adventurer

My work is very extraordinary. I get paid to do what I love, which is going to extremes and testing my limits! If you need a base jumper for your next video or someone to eat a venomous spider in a commercial - I am the guy! Can’t wait to have the Visa Infinite!

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