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Open Free Account in Minutes Online

Enter the Future of Payments, Today

Open a forever free money management account from the comfort of your phone. It takes just a few minutes and you connect with people who use iCard in over 30 European countries!
One account lets you send bank transfers, send free & instant transfers, pay with your phone, shop online with virtual cards, travel the world with your iCard Visa debit.
iCard saves you time and money for the important things in life!

  • 1 No monthly fee
  • 2 No waiting in line
  • 3 No complicated procedures
Pay With Phone

Your Best Solution if you Need ...


Real-time transactions


Easy & accessible


Uncompromising security

24/7 Control

You decide

0.00 EUR/mo.

Transparent terms

More Than a Payment Account

Open an account from anywhere, in less than 5 minutes. See your balance updated in real-time and get instant notifications for any transaction. You can open additional IBAN accounts for any of the 7 supported currencies, instantly.
To unlock all the financial services in iCard, you need to be a Standard plan user. It is free and all you need to do is go through the quick video identification process.

iCard Visa Debit Card

It’s free to order, activates only with the free Standard plan and you have a choice of free or express delivery to your door. You get the freedom to use more than one iCard Visa, connected to any of your accounts. The best thing for travelers is that it works all over the world!
With iCard, you can freeze & unfreeze any card or define your own limits for ATM withdrawals, online and Point-of-sale (POS) payments. Remember, you can order your first card for any currency for free and don’t worry if anything happens to it - you can rely on iCard and use the app for mobile payments.

Virtual Cards: Visa and Mastercard

Don’t be a victim of corporate financial data breach or a hacker attack! You can use virtual cards to proactively protect yourself when shopping online! They are perfect when you need to pay for subscriptions, content, in-app/game purchases, products or services from unknown brands and sellers.
You get 1 free iCard Visa virtual card and 1 free iCard virtual Mastercard. You can order up to 20 and even delete each virtual card after a single online payment. In addition, like with any other card in your digital wallet, you can set your own payment limits to help with your budgeting.

People use iCard daily around the world

575 038

users selected the iCard app

1 413 221

free & instant money transfers sent

592 825

online payments with virtual cards

In Partnerships With


iCard is an electronic money institution, licensed and supervised by the Bulgarian National Bank.

Card and payment schemes

iCard is a principal member at some of the largest international and local card schemes and payment organisations.

They Spoke Out About iCard


I had some problems verifying my account. The support team was very fast and helped me immediately. There are many various functions in the app which are very useful!


Love it for saving me so much time! Paying with my phone works perfect every time for the last 8 months.


The first app which really works. The information they need for full verification is normal for a bank organisation and the process of verification is really quick. Plus, unlike banks, they work 24/7. I was verified by operator at 1:00 AM. If you want to pay you need to upload funds in your account


I am shocked how well the application works. I thought it was another ordinary small application and it turned out to be very cool and even probably one of the better ones I've seen. Support works quickly and efficiently, I got the answer after a few seconds. At the moment I highly recommend!


Very satisfied with iCard: able to use phone to make payments in stores and virtual card online. The issue with fingerprint authentication in widget has been promptly and quickly resolved.


Best payment app and digital wallet. Welcome to the future of personal banking!


This is the best app out there. You get nfc payment, nfc wearable, multiple currency account with debit cards attached, sent to you free , e-gift cards that you can actually use to tap and pay within the app., best customer care , which answer to you in a matter of minutes, and no monthly fee!!!!!.


Flawless service. So far it is better than my local bank (which could learn from iCard actually!) Impressed by the helpdesk as well: they answered clearly and very, very quickly. This is not a lazy 5-star review, but an actual review of a very good service which I would recommend to friends, family and anyone else!


When I started to open an account at iCard, I had no confidence, but now, a long time later and having experienced their serious-, efficient and guick support, I am surprised and appreciation is growing. Now I start recomnending it to others. I am fed up with the orthodox banking system.


Fast response ,fast decision. Only minus the chat at least for me,never work. In the phone they don't answer but after few minutes they call you . I like a lot

Padron, Trust Pilot

Just amazing! So stylish and easy to use, no monthly taxes for whatever there the banks wants, paper and to pay the salary and the rent of the offices probably. Everything is happening through the phone from the app and you don’t need to go to the bank and wait inside and sign all the documents, just downloading the app ordering your card, than a little video call with operator and that’s it. I just like it so much that I stop all of my cards in the banks and now using only iCard!

One Account for Any Payment

iCard is for modern people with dynamic lifestyles. Choose a smart way to manage your personal finances, strictly online.

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