Cor Caroli iCard: Love for the Sea

the Regatta

“Cor Caroli” foundation has been organizing the international sailing regatta since 2001. It’s a 4-day event that always includes the 15th of August - the day of Varna.

This year, August 15th is the first day of the big race. Guests and residents will come together at “Morska Gara” for a day full of emotions. The program includes various entertainment for young and old.

During the day, we will witness a few short yacht races in Varna bay. Winners will be announced in the late afternoon, before the official start of the regatta.

iCard and Cor Caroli

iCard has always aimed to align with different initiatives and activities that promote passion, precision, perfection and team work. Naturally, this spirit is concurrent with the world of yachting and was the trigger for us joining the prestigious international sailing regatta “Cor Caroli”.

As a leading in the digital financial services sector, iCard became the general sponsor of this year’s edition of “Cor Caroli”, which will start in Varna. The city is home of iCard - where everything for us started over 12 years ago. The regatta racers, just like our clients, come from various countries like Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, Romania, France, Germany, England and more.

The successful partnership between iCard and the “Cor Caroli” foundation is supported by shared values: love towards the sea and the sports. Speed, agility, teamwork, competitive spirit and aiming high is the common ground between us and the regatta sailors.

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The Race

The offshore race takes the following route: Varna – Balchik – St. Vlas – Bourgas. The winners will be the team that docks first at port of Bourgas on the 18th of August. The awards ceremony will take place at “Morska Gara” - Bourgas.

Do not miss the chance to experience the emotions and adrenaline of the race.

Be part of “Cor Caroli”.

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A day at Cor Caroli iCard

Cor Caroli iCard from Above


Cor Caroli iCard: Welcome Aboard!

iCard invites guests and residents of Varna to the “Cor Caroli” regatta.

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What is a regatta?

We often read and hear about regattas on TV, on Facebook, Instagram and in the newspapers.

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iCard is General Sponsor of “Cor Caroli iCard” Regatta

Today, 19 July 2019, part of the iCard team met with captain Toma Tomov...

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